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Total knee replacement surgery has become one of the most common orthopedic surgeries performed on patients over 50 years old in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Zimmer NexGen Knee and Smith & Nephew replacements are a popular choice with surgeons. In fact, well over 200,000 of those devices were used in the U.S. It seems that many of them may have been defective.

Problems with Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement

At a 2010 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons conference, two knee surgeons presented a study completed at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. It showed that the failure rate of NexGen knee replacements could be as high as nine percent. Their study also indicated that as much as 36 percent of the replacements became loose within two years of the initial implantation.

Dr. Richard Berger also presented concerns to Zimmer. As a designer of tools and implants for Zimmer and a frequent user of the implants in his own surgeries, Berger was very familiar with the product. Over a 10 year period, Zimmer paid Berger almost $8 million in compensation. Therefore when he published a study that proved the knee replacements had a defect causing them to fail prematurely, it was seriously considered by the medical community.

In 2010, Zimmer issued recalls for several knee replacement components associated with the following units:

  • Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex and CR-Flex Porous
  • Zimmer NexGen MIS
  • Zimmer NexGen LPS Other
  • Zimmer Knee Replacements

Problems with the Smith & Nephew Knee

In 2010, Smith & Nephew issued recalls for as many as 40,000 of their devices. This came after complaints that the base plates had been breaking. Individuals who suffered a break often needed additional replacement surgeries. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, many of these implants lasted less than two years after they were implanted. Normally, a new knee will last up to two decades but due to the design flaws in the Smith & Nephew knee, that wasn’t happening in about 16% of surgery patients.

If you experience the sudden onset of pain, new limits to your range of motion or any instability, you should consult with a physician about the possibility that your knee implant is not functioning properly.

Knee Replacement Lawsuit Funding

If you’ve been injured by a faulty Knee Replacement, you deserve to recover your damages. The professionals at Pravati Capital understand how difficult it is to determine which attorney is best suited to fight your case. That’s why we’ve taken the work out of attorney selection and have developed a vast network of legal representatives with various specializations. We can review your case and match you to the perfect lawyer for your situation.

We know that finding an attorney isn’t the only challenge facing you. Often, the time between filing your complaint and settlement or adjudication is a long one, and when you’re suffering damages, you need money to help pay medical bills, replace lost wages and more. Pravati can provide legal financing that helps you manage these expenses and hold out for the settlement you deserve.

Often, when medical devices are faulty, it isn’t just a single patient who pays the price. Instead, hundreds or maybe even thousands of patients will suffer the consequences of the improperly made or designed device.

When it comes time to hold the manufacturer responsible, each of these patients can file an independent lawsuit against the company. However, this can somewhat dilute the power of the suits. It can also result in very high attorneys fees. Instead, it sometimes works out to a patient’s best interest when multiple cases are combined into a single mass tort case.

Knee Replacement Lawsuits

In 2010, after a study was presented at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons conference, it was shown that as many as 36% of the Zimmer NexGen knee replacements came loose 24 months or less after they were implanted. With over a third of patients suffering with a faulty device, many lawsuits were filed. After this information was released, the devices were recalled completely under the radar with Zimmer refusing to publicly address the recall and the FDA not bothering to issue alerts about it.

Right now, legal representatives are looking into the possibility of combining litigants and going after Zimmer through a mass tort or class-action suit. Not only will this help extend the statute of limitations for late filers, but it will also reduce overall legal fees and give the total lawsuit more power and presence within the media.

If you were given a Zimmer NexGen knee during your knee replacement surgery, and you have suffered damages as a result, contact Pravati Capital today. Our network of attorneys is experienced with mass tort cases as well as product liability. We can connect you to the perfect representative to help make you whole again.

We also understand that often, patients who have been adversely affected by a faulty medical device need money to help their families now. Many of them cannot afford to wait for a decent settlement in their knee replacement lawsuit. We want to help you avoid settling early by providing you with legal financing that you can use to pay your bills, replace lost wages, and so on. Contact us today to discover all the ways that we can help you get funding for your knee replacement lawsuit.

Legal Funding For Your Knee Replacement Lawsuit

Side Effects Caused By Zimmer Nexgen Knee

  • pain at the site of the replacement
  • inability to walk, stand, or place weight on the knee
  • replacement knee components loosening
  • repeat surgery on the knee in question


If you believe that you are experiencing side effects from a Knee Replacement, see your doctor for diagnosis.

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