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Pre Settlement Funding On Boom Lift Accidents

It’s a common sight to see cranes and aerial lifts on just about any construction site. However, those cranes are serious machinery that can be dangerous if not operated correctly. Each year about 26 construction works die due to aerial lift injury according to the Centers for Disease Control and the Center for Construction Research and Training.

Common Crane, Aerial, And Boom Lift Accidents Causes

One of the most common reasons for a collapse is improper cribbing or blocking due to a negligent employer. This is the process of using wood or metal supports to stabilize and balance the load on the crane as it’s being lifted. Without it, the load may move or shift. If it gains momentum, twists, or swings while being lifted, the boom may not be able to withstand it.

Another common problem with lifting loads is putting too much weight on the boom. Since cranes use counterweight systems, it’s possible for an overloaded weight to tip over, causing injury to all of the workers involved. Crane operators should always track the weight of their loads and in turn, employersshould train crane operators on understanding maximum load capacities.

Workers at Risk

Construction workers on sites with cranes or aerial lifts are at risk each time they set foot on the work site. Cranes have a number of dangers associated with them. With the exception of electrocution and problems during setup and breakdown, crane collapse is the leading cause of crane accidents. It’s not just the operators at risk, either. Workers on the ground can also be injured from falling debris. Even those who think they are a safe distance away can find themselves in danger if the lift hasn’t been properly cribbed or weighted.

Lawsuit Funding for Crane, Aerial, And Boom Lift Accidents

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Pre Settlement Funding On Boom Lift Accidents

Crane and Aerial Lift Parameters For Financing

  • Did negligence (or recklessness) on the part of the driver cause the accident and resulting injuries to the bicyclist?
  • Did any negligence of the bicyclist cause or contribute to the accident?


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