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Da Vinci Robot Lawsuit Legal Funding

Since its FDA approval in 2000, the da Vinci Robotic surgery system has become a very popular alternative to traditional laparoscopic surgery. It’s commonly used to perform surgeries requiring small incisions in the abdomen or pelvis. It’s most often used in prostatectomies but increasingly in gynecological and cardiac valve surgeries. In 2012 alone, Intuit Surgery estimates that over 200,000 surgeries were completed using the da Vinci system.

Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Process

Using a console in the same room as the patient, the physician uses four robotic arms that hold objects to perform the surgery. In traditional laparoscopy, the surgeon is looking away from the patient into a two dimensional monitor as he works, relying on an assistant to position the camera. The da Vinci system allows the surgeon to sit while working and to control the camera him- or herself.

Is Your Da Vinci Robot Lawsuit Due To Problems with Inadequate Training

One of the most common allegations against Intuit Surgery is that the company doesn’t offer enough training for the surgeons who use the system. While it provides training, it only provides three to four days of training at its headquarters. Also, the training is done on cadavers instead of live patients, who react differently to the procedure.

Under oath, some physicians have testified to performing as little as two surgeries with the da Vinci system before becoming certified when previously Intuit has stated that it takes 20 surgeries to become certified. Currently, the federal government doesn’t even regulate the training of surgeons on robotic surgery tools. However, recently a judge ruled that medical device makers must ensure that the physicians that use their products are properly trained.

Da Vinci Robot Lawsuit Funding

Pravati Capital invests in the success of both law firms and plaintiffs who’ve suffered damages due to negligence or poor training on the da Vinci system. To this end, we’ve created a network of qualified, experienced attorneys who can help you. Finding the right attorney is just part of the battle facing you, however. You may also need financial assistance through the term of the case in order to pay medical expenses, make up for lost wages and start making your family whole again. Pravati Capital can assist with this also by providing legal financing that takes away much of the financial pressure facing you over a long-term trial.

Pre Settlement Funding For Your Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Lawsuit


  • tears and/or burns from nearby organs and vessels
  • incontinence or impotence
  • revision surgeries to correct problems during the original prostatectomy
  • death

If you believe that you are experiencing side effects from Da Vinci Robotic Surgery, see your doctor for diagnosis.

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