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In recent years, you’ve probably heard about an extraction process called fracking being used by the oil and gas industry. Many activists are opposed to this process of mining gas and oil from shale rock, but you might not fully understand what it entails and why so many are concerned about stopping oil companies from using it.

What is Fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) involves drilling down into the earth, then using a high-pressure mixture of water, sand, and chemicals injected into rocks so that gas and oil can be extracted. Fracking can also be used to stimulate groundwater wells, to dispose of waste inside of a rock and to create a necessary cave-in.

One of the biggest concerns about fracking is that it leaves chemical waste inside rocks, which can leach into groundwater and soil corrupting the water, crops and other plants in the area. In addition, fracking requires a large amount of water which depletes an already limited resource. Fracking also contributes to both noise and air pollution.

Fracking and Personal Injury Damages

When fracking occurs in an area close to where you live, you might end up ingesting contaminated water that leads to injuries to your cardiovascular system, eyes, immune system, kidneys, nervous system, and skin. This can create long-term side effects that require medical treatment and result in lost wages. The air pollution noted around fracking sites can also lead to physical problems such as nosebleeds and dizziness. Gas leaks are another side effect of fracking. These can cause death and severe injury when explosions and fires occur.

Legal Funding For Fracking Lawsuits

When it comes to the damage suffered as a result of fracking, the oil and gas industry is not on your side. They may send seemingly helpful representatives to talk to you, but these individuals have only the best interests of the gas company at heart. At Pravati Capital, we want to help you work with an attorney who has your best interests in mind. We do that by matching you with the perfect attorney from our large network. We find one with experience who can help you fight for the rights of your family and others who were affected by the fracturing. We can also provide financing that helps you get the medical treatment you need and recover lost wages while you are in the process of fighting in court.

Legal Funding For Gas Drilling & Fracking Lawsuits


  • Cardiovascular System Damage
  • Eye Damage
  • Immune System Damage
  • Kidney Damage
  • Nervous System Damage
  • Skin Damage
  • Other Long Term Side Effects


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