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Gastric bypass surgery is a necessary step for many morbidly obese individuals who are unable to manage their weight without surgical intervention. During a gastric bypass procedure, a small pouch is made out of the stomach. This is done by dividing the larger stomach into two portions. The smallest portion is disconnected from the small intestine and reconnected to a part of the intestine that is further down so that food passes right through the stomach into the jejunum, a process that reduces the amount of calories absorbed. The reduced calorie absorption is one of the ways that gastric bypass is successful. The other way is through food restriction, as the small stomach pouch only holds one cup of food at a time.

The Problem with Lap Band Erosion And Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is a very difficult one to perform and unfortunately, it sometimes goes wrong. The medical malpractice industry has classified all bariatric surgeries as high risk. Many different problems can be encountered as a result of malpractice during gastric bypass.

There are many different causes of malpractice in a gastric bypass surgery. Sometimes it is simply an inexperienced surgeon who caused the problem. Other times, it could be that the patient was not a good fit for the surgery but the surgeon did not recognize that. Another possible cause of malpractice is when the doctor does not explain to the patient what they need to do for follow-up care.

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Lap Band Erosion Lawsuit Funding

No matter what caused the medical malpractice behind your post gastric bypass difficulties, you deserve to recover damages. At Pravati Capital, we help individuals who have suffered medical malpractice recover the medical expenses and wages they’ve lost as a result of the doctor or surgeon’s negligence. Contact us today and we will match you to one of the experienced attorneys in our network. We can also advance you funds through our legal financing program. This will help you begin recovering from these losses before your case has reached a settlement.

Pre Settlement Funding For Gastric Bypass Surgery


  • inflammation
  • development of scar tissue that restricts the opening between stomach and small intestine
  • sepsis
  • gastric fluid leakage
  • pulmonary embolism
  • gastric bleeding


If you believe that you are experiencing side effects from Gastric Bypass Surgery, see your doctor for diagnosis.

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