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Police officers fill a vital role in our society. They have a difficult job that, by its very nature, may require some use of force when the situation calls for it. But there’s a problem in this country: police are increasingly using excessive amounts of force when the situation calls for none at all.

Defining Police Brutality

In 2010, The Cato Institute released the findings of its National Police Misconduct Reporting Project. They analyzed the misconduct reports filed against more than 6,000 officers and found that by far, the largest percentage of complaints (23.8%) were for use of excessive force. Excessive force is defined as force that goes beyond what’s necessary to arrest an individual suspected of a crime. When you hear the word brutality, you might think of physical violence only, but it goes much further than that.

This is not an entirely new trend. In 2007, USA Today reported a 61% rise in law enforcement prosecutions over the number of prosecutions in 1997. And it’s not just new arrestees who are victims; incarcerated individuals also face brutality on a daily basis.

Legal Funding For Police Brutality Lawsuit Settlements

There’s one thing that works to the average citizen’s advantage, and that’s the trend to install dashboard cameras in police vehicles across the country. These cameras can catch brutality, excessive force and other police misconduct issues. When you contact Pravati Capital for help with your complaint, we can match you with an experienced attorney from our network. They can then access these recordings and review the details of your arrest and help determine whether you’re eligible for financial compensation due to the treatment you received during an arrest.

At Pravati Capital, we want to be your strategic partner from start to finish. We don’t just help you find an attorney best suited to fighting for the recovery of your damages, we also help you get financing before your case is adjudicated so that you can meet your various financial obligations even before you’ve won or received a settlement.

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Police Brutality Parameters For Financing

  • Intimidation
  • Threats
  • Verbal abuse
  • Improper intrusion during a pat down
  • Tasering
  • Handcuffing when unnecessary


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