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After working on a plaintiff’s case for months or years, you’ve got a significant financial interest tied up in their winning an appropriate settlement, but you may need some financial assistance in order to keep moving forward. At Pravati Legal Funding, we can provide legal funding to law firms that help you maintain your commitment to clients while meeting your firm’s income needs and paying the various expenses attached to the case. Law firms can easily face a cash flow crunch when they’re fighting multiple personal injury or mass tort cases with no upfront client payments. The firm may need to have several lawyers and paralegals on the case and hire in experts for testimony and research purposes. Without the capital to do this, the client—and your firm—is less likely to get a sizable settlement. That’s why legal funding is such an important resource to use.

It’s not just cases being fought that may need funds. Your last case may be settled, but that doesn’t mean the award is funded, which is why we offer funding for both pre- and post-settled cases.

Our pre settlement funding is non-recourse, which means if the case is lost there’s no need to pay us back. After our underwriters review your case, we fund it quickly and require no upfront fees. Once your firm has received the settlement, you can repay the capital and interest.

Contact Pravati Legal Funding today to discuss your current post and pre settlement funding needs for your cases. Allow us to help you see your clients through to the end.

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"I talked to a couple of other legal funding companies first who promised a lot, but couldn't deliver. Pravati Capital kept their promise and took care of my needs."
Stacey F. – Atlanta, Georgia
" I was able to get on with my life thanks to Pravati Capital - including moving to a new apartment. I'm glad my lawyer put me in touch with them."
Laura S. – San Diego, California
“The cash advance I received from your company has really helped my family and I through these hard times, your help and support was greatly appreciated.”
Devin T. – Orlando, Florida
“Pravati Capital was very thorough and responsive to my calls and e-mails, unlike the previous legal funding company I had contacted. They did everything I expected and more. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.”
Michael K – Dallas, Texas
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