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Consumers rely on manufacturers to create safe, reliable products that fulfill warranties. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer takes this responsibility seriously. When a manufacturer fails in its duty to create safe products, they may be guilty of product liability.

Defects Resulting in Liability

Companies may be liable when the product defect meets one or more of the following classifications:

  • Manufacturing defects: these are defects that result in a product not being manufactured the way it was designed to be.
  • Design defects: these occur when the design behind the item has a flaw that creates the danger.
  • Marketing defects: these occur when the instructions for handling an item are incomplete or incorrect or when they do not contain the appropriate warnings.

According to Santa Clara University, 34 million people are injured or killed each year due to accidents related to products that have been negligently designed, manufactured or marketed. As a result, tens of thousands of lawsuits are filed for product injury each year, many of which force manufacturers into bankruptcy and protect the public at large from additional negligence.

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Your Pre Settlement Product Liability Lawsuit Funding

Product Liability lawsuit details

  • injure a consumer
  • create a dangerous environment
  • damage the business or reputation of a retailer
  • manufacturer negligence
  • breach of warranty
  • strict product liability (for items that are defective where the manufacturer was not negligent)


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