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Pravati Legal Funding is a litigation finance company that understands litigation can be expensive and quite unfair if plaintiffs are financially unprepared. Our pre-settlement funding services give plaintiffs a chance to level the playing field so they can continue litigation to get the fair settlement they deserve. Whenever Pravati supplies funding for a plaintiff’s lawsuit it is done on a non-recourse basis so if they lose their case nothing is owed back.

We believe that it’s our mission to provide compassionate assistance by helping plaintiffs, both individuals and companies, in need of legal and financial assistance while awaiting a settlement. By supplying lawsuit funding to plaintiffs, Pravati Legal Funding levels the playing field so that parties can reach a reasonable and legitimate settlement.

Underwriting For Pre-Settlement Funding

The underwriters at Pravati Legal Funding have been involved in complex cases brought to us by leading associations in the litigation finance industry. They understand the business from both a macro and micro level and remain active in the industry, each holding many association affiliations. Before approving a request for pre-settlement funding, our underwriters get a clear picture of a case’s odds. Utilizing our proprietary litigation finance evaluation metrics, underwriters focus on cases with a high probability of success and consistently monitor cases while they are in process.

Pravati Legal Funding: Building Financial Relationships With Plaintiffs & Law Firms

Over the years, executive members of Pravati have developed an extensive network of law firms and expertise with funding over 3,000 cases. Plaintiffs recognize our company and their attorneys trust us to fund their clients. They appreciate that we understand how specialty cases need to be treated and that we provide them with a much-needed funding bridge from day one until settlement.

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"I talked to a couple of other legal funding companies first who promised a lot, but couldn't deliver. Pravati Capital kept their promise and took care of my needs."
Stacey F. – Atlanta, Georgia
" I was able to get on with my life thanks to Pravati Capital - including moving to a new apartment. I'm glad my lawyer put me in touch with them."
Laura S. – San Diego, California
“The cash advance I received from your company has really helped my family and I through these hard times, your help and support was greatly appreciated.”
Devin T. – Orlando, Florida
“Pravati Capital was very thorough and responsive to my calls and e-mails, unlike the previous legal funding company I had contacted. They did everything I expected and more. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.”
Michael K – Dallas, Texas
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