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Providing Pre Settlement Funding On Sexual Assault Settlements

According to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, an individual is sexually assaulted in the United States every 2 minutes. More than 50% of these assaults are committed by a person that the victim knows. Sexual assault is a very serious, damaging crime and victims deserve to have their day in court, getting justice for what they suffered and the satisfaction of watching their aggressor being punished.

Defining Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is not the same thing as sexual harassment, nor is it the same thing as rape. When a person has been sexually assaulted, they may have suffered from one of many different types of sex-related crimes.

Sexual assault victims are not always women. In a 2000 report issued by the University of Texas at Austin, it was reported that in as many as 10% of sexual assaults in the U.S. men are the victims. Just as with women, a sexual assault perpetrated against a man can involve nonconsensual grabbing, fondling and other inappropriate contact.

Lawsuit Financing For Sexual Assault Settlements

If you’ve been the victim of a sexual assault, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator. If you file a civil suit, you may be awarded monetary compensation for the damages that you have suffered. These damages can include psychological trauma, physical injury, and emotional issues that can be costly to deal with as they may involve years of counseling, medical treatment and may result in lost wages as you process what you’ve gone through.

At Pravati Capital, we want to help all victims of sexual assault get justice. We can do that by connecting you to one of the attorneys in our network who has experience with sexual assault cases. But, more than that, we want to help you become whole again. Through our financing program, you can receive funds that can help you get the counseling and medical treatment you need before your case is settled. Contact us today to discover all the ways that we can help you.

Supplying Legal Funding For Sexual Assault Settlements

Sexual Assault can be defined as

  • unwanted sexual contact
  • forced, non-rape sexual contact including grabbing and fondling
  • verbal threats of sexual assault.


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