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Legal Funding For Your Workplace Harassment Lawsuit Settlement

Harassment is a very serious crime, and while we may want it to become less predominant, most research points to it happening more often each year. These days, harassment is becoming common online as well as in the real world, so much so—it’s almost inescapable. But words can’t convey just how scary the situation really is, so instead, let’s look at some numbers.

The Truth about Harassment

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 11,364 cases of sexual harassment were filed and resolved in 2011. The organization, Working to Halt Online Abuse reported that online harassment complaints in 2013 were up more than 25% over 2004. A 2010 survey conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute showed that 35% of those surveyed had been bullied at work.

Harassment doesn’t always have to be violent. In some cases, an individual who contacts another at an inconvenient time with the purpose of annoying or scaring them uses offensive language and repeats the act can also be considered guilty of harassment.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

Individuals at work can be sexually harassed by their supervisors, coworkers, vendors or customers. When this happens, it is the employer’s responsibility to take action. Should they fail to do so, they become liable for damages suffered by the victim of sexual harassment.

A victim of sexual harassment can suffer many different types of damage. They may lose money from being denied promotions, raises or being fired as a result of not complying with the harassing requests. They could suffer psychological and emotional trauma that affects their personal life and relationships as well as their career. If the harassment moves into assault, they could even suffer physical injury.

Recovering from Harassment

It can be challenging to prove harassment, but victims may have a case if they keep records of another person:

  • touching them aggressively
  • violently threatening them
  • taking part in alarming acts for the purpose of annoying or scaring them

Your state likely has laws that dictate what can be considered harassing communications both in person, online and on your cell phone. If you find someone in violation of these laws, you may have enough evidence to sue them and stop the harassment.

Legal Funding For Your Workplace Harassment Lawsuit Settlement

The professionals at Pravati Capital understand how difficult it is to determine which attorney is best suited to fight your harassment case. That’s why we’ve taken the work out of attorney selection and have developed a vast network of lawyers with various specializations. We can review your case and match you to the perfect lawyer for your complaint. But we know that finding an attorney isn’t the only challenge facing you. Often, the time between filing your complaint and settlement or adjudication is a long one, and when you’re suffering damages, you need money to help pay medical bills, replace lost wages and more. Pravati can provide legal financing that helps you manage these expenses and hold out for the settlement you deserve. Harassment isn’t a victimless crime. If you’ve been the victim of somebody else’s harassment or stalking, contact us today.

Pre Settlement Funding For Your Workplace Harassment Lawsuit Settlement

Harassment can come in many forms…

  • Bullying
  • Intimidation
  • Gender discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Violence
  • Racial discrimination


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